I had a dream last night, that felt ridiculously real! I know this thread could end up biting me in the ass, but the jist of the dream was a bunch of people i knew were being held hostage, and the only way that we were getting released was if Tito won, and he did, he pulled up in a sick H2 and let us go! I don't typically have weird dreams like this, so i knew it was legit!!

I secretly want Tito to win also...:)

Dude,I had the same exact dream!!The H2 was red with UFC logos on it and the back window had stickers that said,"I killed the last of the mohicans."LOL!!!!!!!1

It may also have something to do with watching all the UFC preshows late last night, before going to bed... but if Tito actually pulls it off I will prepare my resume as Miss Cleo's white suburban replacement!!


drugs are bad

^^ so is sleeping....apparently.

This is to easy a fight for Chack. So it is rather boring for me.