I hate Extreme Expose because they

Make me not want to watch hot girls dance! Even the crowd who are fucking mega marks boo them.

they need to pull the plug on it and make Kelly Kelly a valet again. I could care less about the other two

I totally want to hit Brook with my rape brick (patent pending)

Yeah Kelly was GREAT as the abused/ isolated girlfriend. They shoud find something else for her to do.

Laila El is fucking HOT! However, yeah, they need to find something else for these chicks to do. Move them to Raw and let them be Divas or something.

I agree! Laila's ass is smokin hot!

Deadpool Says:

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cus they are clothed?

Strippers who don't strip are an abomination...

plus! actually getting a physical lap dance with some hot chick in the flesh rubbing up on your nuts, OR, watching 3 fully clothed chicks dancing thru a TV screen are 2 ENTIRELY different things!