I hate fish

These guys are destroing my game. I am playing a single table. We are about four down. I am holding 66. A guy before me goes all in for about half my chips, I call and one more calls. So there is no side pot. The flop comes 337, check, Ace, check, 3. I am holding a Full boat but there is an ace showing and I figured the one of the two has an ace. Sure enough the guy after me raises all in so I fold out. What does he flip over? Ten 8! He bluffed at nothing! The first all in player wins with a King high.

I did something I normaly don't do, I called him a moron. I was so pissed. His excuse was that he was chip leader (by two BB) and he can play how he wants. The problem was that this left me so short chiped I could not make it to the money. Sometimes I underestimate the intelagence of my apponents.

He's not a fish, the only chance he had at winning the pot was to make a better hand fold, and guess what, he did.

"Sometimes I underestimate the intelagence of my apponents. "

Um, yeah.

Apparently you guys don't understand, there was no pot to bet at. There was a main pot and a side pot with nothing in it. There was no way he could have won the main pot with the hand he was holding, no mater what he did he was dead money. A smart person would have checked and hopped the other player would have a winning hand to knock off the all in play, thus being one player closer to the money.

In a single table setting it is customary to check when some one is all in and there is more than one caller. You want as many people at the end of the hand in hopes that you can eliminate the all in. You only bet if you have the nuts or the side pot is substantial enogh to make money.

You are probably right Robin but I had already watched the guy go all in with crap earlier and get lucky. I called it right, he was only holding K5o. I was expecting to go heads up since there was only one guy behind me and every one else folded. When he did call I didn't expect him to do what he did.

"There was no way he could have won the main pot with the hand he was holding, no mater what he did he was dead money. "

There was no way for him to know that unless he was colluding with the all-in player to try and get you out of the pot.

Well, he was only holding 10, 8. One player was all in and he only had 10 high. You can count on atleast one face card in the all in players hand. There is no way he could have won the hand or even thought of winning.

You have to remember that fish live in the river.

Isn't a fish someone who calls when the pot odds don't warrant a call, and then they make their draw? That's not exactly what happened here.

Patterson is right, you had to think your sixes were ahead after the flop. It was a dumb play on his part but your shouldnt be mad, because you will never win a tourney playing scared. Lets just say that he had the ace, you should never have let him hit it on the turn. You should have bet the flop.

I love fish...

fish sucks