I hate Home Run poses

I want to puke every time I see some schmuck standing there staring at a long drive, like the Mona fucking Lisa suddenly appeared in left-center field. And what's worse, is these asshats do it at the stupidest times.

Bonds stands and stares, then struts after driving a ball to center field against Houston's rookie Taylor Buchholz. The towering drive is caught on the warning track, and Bonds isn't even to first base yet. Then he gives Buchholz a dirty look when Taylor yells at him to "run the fucking bases".

Pujols stands, stares, struts, and flips his bat after hitting a homer against the Pirates the other day. His drive cut the Pirates' lead to 8-2.

I'm convinced it's physically impossible for Ryan Howard to run and watch a fly ball at the same time, which is why he doesn't leave the batter's box for a solid 2 seconds on a drive.

David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez.....don't even get me started :(

It's so fucking aggrivating for me to watch this me-first attitude bullshit. I guess I'm just old-fashioned....when I was growing up, Big-Leaguers didn't do that because they didn't want to be showing up their peers. That would buy them a pitch in the ribs their next AB. Then again, in those days, the guy who got more hits than anybody put his head down and ran to first when he drew a walk..........

i like it. it puts a little excitement into it. kinda like dunking and then giving a staredown. sports are better this way. now, don't get me wrong, it can get out of line. it's good for the most part

What's so exciting about it? How is a home run more exciting if the guy is standing there watching it? These idiots would be the first ones to get pissed off if a pitcher struck them out and then showed them up.

Chris Carpenter struck out 213 batters last year, and Pujols hit 41 HR. So Carpenter had 5 times as many opportunities to showboat, but I can guarantee that he didn't stand there staring at the catcher's mitt and strut around the mound like he was bigger than the game.

Schilling is the same story; does his job, and catches the ball when the catcher throws it back, then gets ready to pitch to the next batter. But how many times have we seen Manny Ramirez stand there staring at a drive, or break into his HR trot 3 steps out of the box, and end up on 1st base with a single after the ball bounces off the Monster?

Fuck these guys, each and every one of them. I hope pitchers start drilling guys when they pull this shit, a la Pedro, Oswalt, and Zambrano.

Cousin Eddie for president.

Just be glad that's all they do. I'm a bit old fashioned to and a big NFL fan. I'm sooo tired of guys celebrating after making a tackle, catching an 8 yard slant for a first or even a cb breaking up a pass. I remember last year watching the Falcons early in the year and that team celebrated after every friggin play. Instantly became my least favorite team.

Preach on Cousin Eddie!

LOL, I will preach, dammit :)

I don't get on a soapbox very often, but this shit is soooo irritating.

DHill---agreed on the NFL. It gets worse and worse every year; I'm hoping that the new celebration rules cut down on that stuff.

I agree with this thread wholeheartedly.

In case nobody saw my favorite player growing up - Ryne Sandberg's Hall of Fame speech...check it out...he laid the smackdown down on a lot of today's players.


As long as you know it is gone, nothing wrong with doing it in my opinion.

Well, if you think there's nothing wrong with doing it, then you shouldn't ever bitch again about Cliff Floyd catching a body shot.

Oswalt waited entirely too long, IMO.


Ryno's speech was excellent, btw

Oswalt's several beanings of Floyd have nothing to do with Floyd doing any pose after he brutally and unmercifully hit Oswalt's curve ball for a grandslam, Oswalt just continues to bean him because Floyd own3d him with the grandslam and Oswalt realizes it.

Several? I must have missed some, because I only know of one.

He drilled him twice last year in the same game when the benches cleared. same game where Pedro was no hitting the astros through seven till what's his name hit a solo home run. everyone was expecting Pedro to retaliate but he never did, he just threw the complete game 1 hitter.

Hmmmm. Yep, must have missed those.

After seeing Floyd hit that Grand Slam, I can not honestly say that it surprised me that Oswalt hit him more than once though.

"Ryno's speech was excellent, btw"

Too bad he was the one delivering that, because he's such a dull motherfucker, even if he is my childhood hero.

Manny was blowing an inside the park home run last night. He hit a shot was lazily trotting down first base line while watching his work... Ooops. It never made it out and the right fielder misplayed it, so he ended up with a stand-up triple. He wasn't even at first when the ball hit the wall because of his casual trot. If he was being sprinting the whole time, he would have had an inside the park home run easily.