I hate my knee-time for Surgery

"you have the knee of a 70 year old man" thats what a doctor said yesterday after seeing my MRI. Then he laughed and asked what have i been doing to it??

SWEEEEEEEEEEET. Most like it will be ortroscopic, so i;ll be out 2 months. PS2 time!!! WHeres the bitches?

ACL replacement? I just had that done 2 months ago. I'm back training lightly, not that my doctor knows.

Whenever you want some in Fight Night, you just let the GhosT know.

my ligaments are fine. But i have other issues. Whats fightnight??

Good luck. Surgery sucks.

PS2 is more important in the long run anyway.

Call it a mixed blessing...

orthroscopic isnt too bad. Im am bummed though. Fuck, I want to hit people and i cant

It's arthroscopic and "Fight Night 2004" is where it's at.

Come get some.

best of luck btw

I just had meniscus surgery two & half months ago. Been training for the last 3 weeks. Still not going 100% cause I am alo recovering from MCL sprain. Sucks but at least I am rolling again. Best of luck to you.