I Hate Rebates Do You

ive been waiting over 4 months for my rebate from smc. i bought a router from them. How long have u guys waitied for a rebate? Somtimes i think its a scam.

Some of the companies have been known not to send rebates back.

Hassling is the only way to go on this.

It depends on who you deal with, some sites will actually track your rebates for you. CircuitCity is cool cause if you give them your email address they'll send you a link so you can check the status of your rebates. I just use one of the extra email address that I have that way I don't have to worry about spam. I lucked out and got $80 in rebates over 2 days last week, just in time for Christmas shopping

I always hate when they advertise these great prices in huge print then in the small print you have to mail in like 6 different fucking rebates that take FOREVER

and if u fuk up on anypart of the rebate mailing u dont get the rebate

I've waited 6 month's for a memory rebate once. I like the rebates you get at officemax. By the time you get everything paid for the memory is free. Then I sell it on eBay!

I buy so much computer stuff that I have a constant influx of rebates coming in. So, the wait time doesn't really bother me, because I've always got another $60 check coming in couple weeks.

I'm with lions-d ... gotta get the commander-in-chief to handle this ... she doesn't miss the details. Never got Circuit City's part of 2 cell phone rebates, various CDROM media rebates (Best Buy and Staples), etc.

uncle philly is correct. get ya rebate if u ever can and then resell it on ebay

that's why i buy my stuff from pricewatch.com


I like them, but that would be because I'm a cheapskate. I go into it expecting that some companies may not make good on it, but overall I'm getting a deal. I really hate the ones with weird terms in small print though.