I hate Springfield, Missouri

Just wanted everyone to know that I hate Springfield, Missouri. I've been trying to teach at a school here FOR FREE just to have people to roll with and that's only 1-2 days a week. It's so pathetic I was encouraging one of the guys to move to Las Vegas. There is about zero interest in BJJ here. 9 months until I get to move back to Oklahoma and train more consistently. This place sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would guess you need to get the word out a little better. I've hosted 2 Royce Gracie seminars here, and they were very successful. Good luck.

not to hijack your thread but do you guys know of anyone in springfield that is training NHB. I am doing a show at the Beaumont Club in Kansas City on January 30th and am looking for fighters.



Please check out www.chimartialarts.org. I don't know if it is the same city, but I have a buddy from Springfield, Missouri. He lives here in Virginia now but when he lived there, he went to the school at that website. He is skilled and has nothing but good to say about that school. Team Round Table
540 858-2729

I just moved to Fort Leonard Wood, its about an hour and a half North/East of Springfield. BJJ is real hard to find in this area. I used to train consistently until I moved here. Where do you teach at? Do you train on the weekends?


Sorry Rainmaker,I gotta give big ups to Springfield. That's the place where, in 1997, I went from being a fan of Royce and GJJ to a total convert, and never looked back.

Holy Cow, Bubbamaker! So that's who you are! Damn. I shoulda bought one of those Bubba's when they had no name and only cost $250! That takes me back.


Hi Darryl. Those seminars were a blast. I didn't even know Royce when I picked him up from the airport for the first seminar. He immediately made me feel like an old friend.

We sure had a good time. Thanks for coming.


I go to school in Springfield and would love to work out with someone. I work out with the SMSU Judo and Jiu-Jitsu club. We have several people that do BJJ.
Right now my time is limited with finals and having an hour drive up from Branson, but let me know when and where.
email me at gcr278s@smsu.edu


Pete, Ft wood man... Hey one of my students just started a club in Cuba maybe 40 min away from you. drop me a line and I'll give you his info.

Bubbamaker !!!! all I can say is thanks. The first time I trained with Royce or GJJ was at your seminar in Springfield in late 95 (long time ago) I havent been the same since. I'm a addict... Just this week I got back from my first trip to Brazil. Spent a week with Royler beating me down 4 hours a day. I never thought How one weekend could change your life. Damn I'm lucky (yes chad keep hating me:) take care JW

JW Wright /Grappling concepts-St.Louis
Royler Gracie-David Adiv Team USA

Wow! That honestly makes my day. Those seminars were a lot of work, but they were well worth it. Royce was so much fun to run around with. He LOVES shopping at Bass Pro Shops. :-)

Thanks for coming to the seminar, and thanks for your post.


P.S. I love Springfield, MO.

DIE YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but not till after my show..lol...

That must have been a post from Gabe at the SMS club. THose guys haven't been there in a weeks as far as I know. I went over there a few times and no one was there except the Judo club. Any I think springfield still sucks.

I'm disappointed you feel that way. I was planning on mentioning your classes to a lot of people over the holidays. Oh well.

lol bubbamaker. I talked to your buddy Hunter. He's going to start training with us. It's been very frustrating trying to get jiu jitsu going around here. I get the feeling that hunting is the state sport by all the camouflage I see this time of year. As far as your disappointment, well i'm disappointed too. The jiu jitsu has been free since i've been at the school and yet people just aren't that interested. We had another purple belt come in last night so hopefully we can get things going.

That's good. Good luck.

P.S. It was deer season.

I'm in Warrensburg Missouri, like 2 hours north of you. A few years ago some guys here would kickbox & grapple but anymore about all there is is a TKD club, so I just drive to Kansas City to train, I only know 1 person out here who even knows what BJJ is.

That sucks u should come up to KC....theres lots of peeps to rain with...

whats up Chris...hope college is going well for u....call me some time we need to train.

Hey whats up Chad how are u...I hear that Justin might be competing in your tournament...good luck on that I know i will be there.


I've been up to KC one time to train with Montanha. If the weather is good i'm going tomorrow.

hey truth...I have a Justin Seavers...is that who your talking about. Glad to hear your coming.. It's going to be a good card. Let me know when you want tix's. cosborne@kc.rr.com