I hate Springfield, Missouri

what is the card shaping up to be like...

is there anymore vacantcies???

just wondering cuz I know ive been wanting to compete for some time.

good luck on everything Chad

oh yea i meant Justin Mustard....hes been training with me to ketchup.hahahahahahha


get with me and we will talk. 816-914-6527. Justin can do it if he wants. I'll just have to find someone at his level. have him call me to.



arora(sp?) missouri sucks even more

Chadozz!!!!! thought you'd left the country or something! Where are you training at? Me im back with Daniel and couldnt be happier. The training/instruction is better than ever. Im disappointed that Im the only one who has come back home. where are you guys?!!!!

Hey Strings how's the new house? I have been training often trying to stay in shape. I started training with a Judo club to work on my stand up and have been training at a friends. I have e mailed Daniel and Ethen both but have not gotten any response. I would assume that means I am not welcome. Oh well...I am doing a show January 30th at the beaumont. Hope you come down to see it (unless you want to fight) MMA and sub grappling. It's going to be fun. Invite all the guys down. You know me ...no more polotics...I just wnat to train. e mail me at cosborne@kc.rr.com

Good luck

Chad if u ever want to train with me and Justin man you are always welcome...I took my mats to his apt he has just enough room for 10 x 10 mats....please come and train bjj with us...for me it will help I have like 80 pounds on Justin so he gets frustrated at times...

I Know u would be more than welcome...


P.S sorry to hear about Gracie Barra controversy.

Oh yea Chad Im going to call in a day or two....been busy... peace

that's cool man...I'll come train..as far as gracie barra...no controversy at all. I'm cool with it.