I hate the Man vs. Food guy

Seriously, I hate everything about this faggoon from his soy-boy open mouthed smile to his fat fucking face to his stupid fucking jokes and red fucking hair.

I hope this fat faggot chokes to death on a ham sandwich.

Fuck Casey, bring back that Adam guy.


Of course you do. That’s not the real man vs food guy


Bro I was coming in here to throw blows thinking you were talking shit on Adam. Didn’t know there was a new one. That guy just looks “special”


He’s alright, lately I have been watching that dude with the red bandana eat weird shit

Pardon me, faggotronic op.

I thought you were saying you hate Adam. He is the Man v Food guy. The ONLY Man v Food guy.

Who is this Casey mtfk? He’s bullshit. New coke.

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Nah bro, Adam is the fucking man!

Anyone know why he stopped doing MVF?

This new guy sucks all the dicks.

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He got cancelled lol. Google it. He was one one of the og cancel culture victims.

Not sure what you’re talking about. Like the bizarre foods guy with the bald head? I don’t think he wears a bandana.

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Ah sorry I should have been more clear, it’s just some dude that travel the world eating weird stuff

I did like watching that bizarre food show

Wait, for real?!?

I don’t remember hearing that. I thought he was having health problems or some shit.

YouTube or food channel?

Yeah, Bizarre Food is good but my favorite show on that channel had to be Good Eats.

Alton Brown is the fucking man who tickles my inner geek while making some seriously delicious looking shit.

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This is the guy, the show is called best ever food review show ever

the food is horrible, so I love watching it for some fucked up reason

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I watched this fucker eat some monkey…

Super Troopers Smh GIF by Searchlight Pictures

He lost a bunch of weight posted a pic on Twitter and then some fat chick said it was triggering or something and he went OFF on her. Whether you think he was right or not he went too far for a guy who is supposed to be mr friendly Everyman nice guy on tv.

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OP below…


Now I like him even more LOL.

But yeah, that’s a bad look considering his tv persona.

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So he got cancelled for being… hangry???

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Told some women to take a razor into the bath with her and no one would miss her


And after all that drama, Adam got fat again