I hate the Man vs. Food guy

lol damn… that’s gangster


Fuck that ginger fuck! White Lightning is the shit too bad he had to retire because that’s unhealthy as fuck!

Didn’t this fuck almost die from participating in the show?

He does modern marvels now and other shows for history. They suck now but I did like him on mvf


He’s was a fat tard who is even fatter now. Adam is huge now

He has told a story about how one of the restaurants tried to fuck him over

It was a spicy wing challenge, and instead of preparing it how they usually do, they used an entire bottle of ghost chili extract on the wings and it completely fucked him up.

I remember seeing an interview with Adam when the show restarted with this dude and he was pissed off that he didn’t get the nod again.

I’d be pissed too. This Casey guy eats dick. Also, think about what he gave up; Adam was living the dream, traveling the country and eating for a living. He shitcanned himself cause of social media. Definitely an important lesson for everyone.

I can so very easily imagine Andrew Zimmern going up to a dumpster and drinking the fluid out of the bottom of it.

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He called some broad fat, and told her told fuck off, something to that effect on SM, and they canned him.

He has lost weight and was proud of it. She told him he was fat shaming people. He told her to take a razor into the bath and no one would miss her. A little over the top, but in this day and age a no no

Damn OP. You hate Mr Rogers too?

He already left MvF for health reason and lost an NBC show over what he said on social media.

If I had to guess, I would say his doctor probably told him he needed a break from all the damn food. LMAO he absolutely got bigger as the seasons progressed. I think the last season I watched of it I remember thinking, damn Adam does not look healthy.

Did not know this. What he say?

Dude thats just a guy with down syndrome. Whats wrong with you?