I hate the Raiders

Because I love the Broncos. They pulled another Al Davis and over paid for players way past their prime again. No Super Bowl will ever be won by the Raiders as long as Davis is the Dictator.



as a jets fan i would just like to say I hate the raiders also. that is all.

I hate the Raiders as well.

I bet I hate the Raiders more than you hate the Raiders. I have an honest question. Why does it seem all minorities are Raider fans, its like if your skins has a tint to it you are a Raider fan. Drives me crazy. People who don't even speak english are Raider fans. What the hell is their problem.


Ummmm, I'm leaving that one alone......

**picks up 10-foot pole, refuses to touch thread with it**

Raider hater, signing in.

Warren Sapp scares the shit out of me. I feel Jake Plummer's life is in danger.

*hands Dracul a box of tissues*

Stop whining!J/K. Funny thread,bring on the bashers.

I'm a Raider fan,and I'm not a minority,well not anymore.The fans are actually cool,I've met some really nice people at the colusium,seriously.I know what your saying though,it can be intimadating to the opposing fan,but nothing really happens.At least what I've seen anyway.
You could be right about the Davis thing though,if you were to ask all the owners about him,they respect and admire what he's done.
Last year was like a bad dream.New season is coming,and it looks good for us.


Raiders suck a big 'un.

I hope the Raiders draft Robert Gallory, cause they need a reciever. Draft him, then go sign some more old players on the down side of their career. Warren Sapp had 5 sacks last year, Ted Washington is not an every down tackle, and you still do not have a defensive end worth anything. Not to mention your linebacking corps. Napoleon Harris is decent, but who will play for Romo. Lots of questions for the Raiders. Recievers, running backs, DB's, D-line, linebackers, and O-line are all major concerns. Good lineman are always available in the later rounds, why waste the second pick on an offensive lineman?


Dracul - You are both right and wrong.

You are right about the Raiders needing players at all of those positions.

You are wrong to think an O-Lineman the caliber of Gallery would be available in a later round. It has been proven that lineman are more of a sure thing in the draft than other positions.

And the Raiders won't pick Gallery & probably will trade their pick anyway.

I hate the Broncos.

Ever notice all white trash are Bronco fans? It seems if you have a little red on your neck you are a Bronco fan.

"No Super Bowl will ever be won by the Raiders as long as Davis is the Dictator."
Al davis has won three with the raiders. Im as white as they come and im a raiders fan. You talking trash about the raiders overpaying players. Take a look at your quarterback. Atleast sapp is proven. Plummer was never any good.

You are Raider fan and calling the Bronco fans trash? If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black. Take a look at your own team there bud.

Plummer had an amazing year last year. He lost like 3 games. every other game that was lost he wasn't playing. Warren Sapp had 5 sacks last year and wasn't even the best DT on his team. At least Plummer produced last year, and the Raiders will not win the Super Bowl with Davis, or their coach.


I'm NOT saying ALL Bronco fans are trash. That would be stupid of me. That would be like my saying all minorities seem to be Raider fans.

That would really be a stupid thing to post here.

Manning- 4267 yards. 29 touchdowns. 10 interceptions.=great season
Plummer-2182 yards. 15 tds. 7 interceptions= spare
Plummer played 11 games and got his ass handed to him in the in the first round of the playoffs. Thats not producing. And who was a better tackle than sapp? Mcfarland? Warren sapp had more sacks and like 4 less tackles than mcfarland despite being double teamed almost every play.

*gazes at three Super Bowl rings, wondering if Dracul can do the same*

It's not surprising that the Raiders have a lot of minority fans. Al Davis was at the forefront and ahead of his time in hiring minority coaches (Tom Flores, Art Shell) while the rest of the league had their heads stuck in the Stone Age. The NFL would still have an SEC mentality were it not for Uncle Al's involvement.

"Lots of questions for the Raiders. Recievers, running backs, DB's, D-line, linebackers, and O-line are all major concerns."

Receivers? They still have Jerry Porter and Jerry Rice, no? Running backs, well Garner and Wheatley are a bit past their prime but both are fine RBs. Garner has always been one of the most underrated backs in the league. Did Fargas end up blowing out his ACL? He was a fine RB as well.

DBs? They still have C Woodson, R Woodson and Philip Buchanon, no? I'd say the secondary is the strongest part of the team.

D-line? Well like I have said I would have preferred if they had pursued a top DE as weak DEs who constantly blow contain has been a big factor in the Raiders weakness vs the run and especially vs scrambling QBs, and was a big factor in the 2003 Superbowl. But Ted Washington and Warren Sapp? Two DTs who need to be double-teamed every play. The Raiders suddenly went from the worst run-stopping team in the league to a team you can't run up the middle on. I like it.

Linebackers is somewhat weak, but I like Napolean Harris. We'll see.

Gallery is a great pick. Did Lincoln Kennedy retire? If not the Raiders could have a potent running game next year.

Don't get me wrong, I think the Raiders will only be marginally better in 2004, probably 8-8. But two of those wins will be against the Broncos.

Sorry sea_monkey, but Garner signed with Tampa Bay.

Good thing maybe. I was getting fed up with Garner's inability to let things develop when there are no holes.

He just runs full speed into the pile for no gain. He has to learn how to hang back for a second and let the hole open up.

In his defense the O-Line was jack fucking crap last year.

Um, most minorites seem to be Raider fans. Not at all a racist comment, just stating an opinion. Seems to me they all like the Raiders, nothing wrong with that, just wanted to know why? To say Porter and Rice are two good recievers is not quite on the amrk. Rice is the best reciever to ever play, but he is old and is not even in the top 20-25 recievers playing right now. Porter had Tim Brown and Jerry Rice playing ahead of him and was the thrid reciever on the field when he played, which means he was covered by the opposing teams nickel back. Sapp only had 5 SACKS LAST YEAR, he wasn't even the best DT on the Bucs, thats why they let him go, Ted Washington is a load, but a load who will only play on 1st down, maybe 2nd in some situations then what? Napoleon Harris is good but who else is there? Garner is gone, is Wheatly going to be your feature back? Who will catch passes out of the backfield now? Rod Woodson, was very good, now he is an average safety at best. Who is going to play quarterback?