I hate when people say Anderson shouldn't fight

He's a grown ass man that wants to fight. Leave him be cause I wanna see it. Phone Post 3.0

I don't wanna see him fight again because I hate seeing people getting beat up when they don't need to. He's done so much and seeing him getting KTFO or break a freaking leg makes me cringe. Phone Post 3.0

Since i'd say 3 years he's not the same fighter, he does't have the same motivation, speed, confidence. He's just not the fighter he was. GOAT imo, but i'd call it a day if i was him.. Phone Post 3.0

Anderson shouldn't fight Phone Post 3.0

Its his choice but I don't thinks its going to be pretty Phone Post 3.0

CapnKindBud - Let him fight. He still has another leg that hasn't been broken yet. He has put a lot of damage in a very cocky way to some of my favorite fighters, so I'm enjoying this. Put him right in against Weidman no matter if he loses to Lyoto or not!
He is gonna go the way of Roy Jones Jr. Naturally gited fighter who relied on speed, reach and reflexes. And is a cocky asshole while doing it. Age sets in and the advantages start to go away and "boom" KO! If they let him fight Weidman again, he will retire him.
Jeezus sounds like he fucked your mrs or something..

Why would anyone want to see that fight again? To turn 2 decisive losses in a row to the same person into 3?

You sir, are an asshat. Phone Post 3.0