i hated the end of CAPT AMERICA

wtf is that fucking fuck?

wake up in a bed at times square. nick fury?


stan lee, you need to be fucking dead already. you're going the way of george lucas.

my suggestion: put frank miller in charge of all future comic movies and make them rated x.

 best thing about the movie

Rise of the Planet of Apes was a letdown as well. Phone Post

monkey on human sex?

Ill watch Capt America tomorrow. As a former HUGE comic book nerd I'm 50/50 on a lot of these movies.

Also if Planet of the Apes happened in real life, I'd be one of the 1st guys out there Monkey secksing those hairy bitches.

Truth! Phone Post

i will never forgive stan fucking lee for casting nick fury w/ that douchenozzle.

Their doing all these movies in the "Ultimates" Marvel Universe where Nick Fury is a Black man.

The Ultimates concept if retarded. In this Universe Spider Man is killed by the Green Goblin and a half black half puerto rican kid steps up to take his place, while the Spidey in the regular Marvel universe is alive and well.

Shit like this is why I stopped sitting in Borders and reading this crap for free. Phone Post

only the end? I hated that whole goddamn movie! It was the worst Marvel movie I've seen (skipped Daredevil and Elektra)

 Planet of the Apes was decent but I did not like the end.

I know was a lot of discrepancies in the movie if you're an old school comic book nerd like me.... Continuity issues like Bucky Barnes, or how he got his shield.

But I have to admit that I like what they did with it. The Grenade scene was a nice effect and Chris Evens pulled it off.

I may be filling in blanks from the movie with my own memories of the comic but I still feel it's better than the Capt America, Spider-Man and Punisher movies they made when I was a kid. Phone Post

Oh.... And frak you Ultimates Universe for raping the origins and memories of the heroes I grew up on! Phone Post

my problem wasn't w/ continuity of the comic, but more of the pitch patch fuct up conclusion.

ps. i FUCKING HATE when people rationalize away shitty plot/story for COOL SPECIAL EFFECTS.

i want them dead.

That is how it happened in the comics too, so im fine with it. Plus there is going to be the avengers and two more cap america movies, so she may not be finishe yet. Phone Post

it had the ability to go "somewhere in time" on us, that would have put it into the incredible zone, but instead we get to see nick fury. utter crap