I have 2 extra UFC tix


I cannot get the flight to Vegas that I needed so I have my 2 UFC tickets. If anyone needs one let me know at grappleandstrike@hotmail.com

Hope this does not get me into any trouble as I am not scalping the tix, I just don't want $140 worth of souveniers!

I'm sure you can get a flight to Vegas dude...

Although there are flights to Vegas, there are non I can afford. I live in London England and I have to work Thursday before and the Monday after. So no, I can't afford the flight at this point unless I can get some donations. I accept paypal!

Also the guys I was going with will be stuck in Washington DC for work over the weekend so I have a the spare no matter what!

You got mail

Nenad Dragojlovich

Hey guy what is your e-mail so I can get in touch with you I guess those ticks are the 75$ or are they 140 a piece

whats the price, and how would we get them from you?

guys my email is grappleandstrike@hotmail.com

The 2 tix were $75 plus service charges. I am asking to cover the costs, not interested in profits. I have been getting lots of emails so let me know.

I also have a paypal account for eBay (selling all my UK stuff before I move back to Canada), does any one know if I can use Paypal to sell these tixs?

worst part, they might not even be showing the fights over here in the UK! Bad luck...