I have a lot of dreams

Where I'm in another city for no reason and it's going to be a pain in the ass to get back

Last night I was in some diner in Detroit with crazy neighbor ex. I then discover we've flown there to pick up drugs and drive them home. I said fuck that and left and I was stuck in Detroit and it became night. I was not in a good neighborhood and my phone was dying . I think I even made thread for og'er mark to help me, lol

Then it transitioned to me being a female chemistry teacher at a school in ghetto Cleveland. I don't know anything about teacher or chemistry so I just told jokes or something

I've never been to either of those cities and certainly never dreamed about them so it was very strange. In general though I do have numerous dreams where I'm states away and just asking myself why the hell did I come here?

I feel like it's girl relationship metaphor I but can't connect it. I'm a lucid dreamer so I usually figure out themes Phone Post 3.0

Now I want pizza. Thanks jerk. Phone Post 3.0