I have a secret I have not told, not even family.

Fixed it for you. 100% agree though.

Is there anything PJ, or anyone on this forum, has ever posted that has in any way directly affected your life?

I wasn’t talking about PJ. I was talking about rdot in quoting Stray.

To answer your question, I have multiple stalkers here on and off this forum.

fuck stalkers. true weirdos.

I knew this thread was getting bumped eventually. Im surprised it took this long.

One of them I have all their info because they were stupid enough to stalk me on social media using their real profile with all their info, such as employer. I have and will do nothing with that info as long as they don’t take the OG into real life. People have to learn boundaries. This is a forum we come to shitpost, troll, talk shit, and interact with the same people both in a positive and negative manner but shit needs to stay in between the lines.


Left an innocent child to grow up never knowing his father. Pathetic ass PJ will die someday knowing when he takes his last breath he left nothing on earth worth talking about.

@Cotton , for the last time, I wasn’t stalking you! I was just gathering intel in case we ever meet so I’m ready to be your new best friend!

Honestly this bothers me way more than the kitten. The kitten is really fucked to but father’s have a special place in my heart. I was raised by a single father so dad’s stepping up and doing what they are supposed to do means a lot to me. I grew up never knowing my mom and until I finally saw her while she was dying in November I always thought about her in the back of my mind.


Where is the scorn for the fathers in these situations as well? If you are going to hate the mothers then the fathers also deserve it if they knew and did nothing about it.

Personally, I think its case by case. For some parents giving their cubs to adoption is the most loving and responsible choice they can make. For others its a flippant choice amd deserves malice.

No idea how I missed this thread and news when it first happened.

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iirc, you may have been in training for your big scene with brad pitt.

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Two of my coworkers were adopted from Bolivia. I asked one of them about it once and he’d always knew he was adopted and had no ill will towards his mother for giving him up. That said he also had no desire to interact with her or look her up either as he viewed his adoptive parents as his true parents. Him and his brother got a better life than they would have had living in some jungle village in Bolivia I’m sure.

On the flip side that twist in life also meant they had to put up with me referring to them as every nationality under the sun apart from Bolivian.

“Hey, you Columbian coke mule, can you pass me that laptop”

“Oi fake Mexican, did you and your weird brother just fuck it up again?”

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i cant give jay any shit for this one

i agree. given all the shit we know about jay, this was the right move. it’s not something most of us could do, but he did what he needed to do.