I have a shitload of Halloween animatronics (show me your Halloween displays!)

Fuck yeah!!! I’m excited FOR you!

Make sure to take pics and share some ideas with the OG!

I don’t go for the animatronics. Like them at haunted houses and all, but not needed for the Halloween ambiance.

I’m a stickler for the led candle bulbs. They look awesome. Cheap. Things like this than can be done easily just by switching a bulb.

You’re a real stand up guy man. I mean that with all sincerity.

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thanks brother.

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Found a shitload of plans online to build your own animatronics. Thinking I might give it a whirl building my own.

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What the hell you going to do w pvc dummies?

Costumes and masks are dirt cheap off season. Mix it with some dollar pool noodles and youve got some life size figures to stand amongst the animatronics. The more figures on the lawn, the more I can blend in and scare the fuck out of kids.

Good times. :slight_smile:

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Starting to release previews of this years animatronics.

I really like the witch and the werewolf.

So last year I built the swing set posted above.

This year I wanted to make a puking skeleton just like this:

It was such an easy build that I’m basically done at this point so looking to maybe build something else out.

Might try to build a Jack in the box that tiny crawler can hide in and pop out to scare people.


Pics are starting to leak of the new animatronics for this year.

Here is Home Depot’s lineup. That skeleton reaper in red is supposed to be like 12 feet tall so have my eye on that.

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Damn, someone built this out of pvc, paper mache and cheesecloth.

I’m thinking of trying to build this mofo as that is amazing!!!

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I love this thread.

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Yeah, I love Halloween shit. Really surprised there aren’t more members all over this thread but fuck it I will continue to post Halloween shit!!!

Party city teaser for their animatronics. Can’t wait till we get vids of all the animatronics in action from spirit/HD/Party city etc

Some very unique animatronics for this year.

For example, this is probably gonna be an awesome jump scare prop. Could see putting this by my driveway where I keep my trash cans and when someone walks by it scares the fuck out of them LOL.


Horror movie inspired shots for your Halloween party:

Some of these look awesome!!!



Home Depot looks like they are stepping their game up this year with a 12 foot witch and a 10 foot werewolf as some of the big items.

Apparently they are calling July 15th “Orange Day” and are gonna put all their Halloween shit online that day.

Home Depot just dropped a video of their Halloween collection.

That 12 foot witch is fucking incredible!!!

I want to do a pool noodle huge guy in a window at my house. He could look out to where a LOT of people drive by, so I want it well lit to get attention.

Pool noodles, PVC, jumpsuit and hockey mask I guess. Maybe Mike Meyers. Perfect window

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Add some red LEDs for eyes and youre set.

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