I have a shitload of Halloween animatronics (show me your Halloween displays!)

Zactly dude.

I’m hitting up Depot, on Vaca start tomorrow.

Going to set up a boxing ring tonight for first time, should be fun. But after the weekend, getting ready for Halloween stuff.

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Yeah, I have vacation coming up at the end of July. Once I come back it’s fucking on!!!

Gonna dig out all my Halloween shit and get it ready. I’d like to have my display pretty well set by like mid September.

Awwww shit!!!

They released the new animatronics from Spirit Halloween.

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The Crow Dude, and Skeleton in Feed Bag were dope but.my.favorite was Cymbal Monkey.

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I agree, that monkey is the shit.

Wish he clashed the cymbals faster but I love the look of him.

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So I went to the grand opening of the Flagship Spirit last weekend and it was a fucking madhouse.

The displays were pretty cool though. They are also releasing a “Spirit Halloween: The Movie” and they premiered the trailer at the grand opening. The movie has Christopher Lloyd in it. Looks cheesy but probably be a decent kids movie.

Put up this display in my front window when it hit 99 days till Halloween.

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My favorite animatronic from this year is “Monty”.

Might grab him at full price as I love the look of him. They want $300 so it’s somewhat killing me on whether or not I want to order him.


Thats the best one ive seen of the new stuff this year. The Home Depot 12 foot witch is pretty rad too.


Monty is pretty aweosme in person. Wish he clanged the cymbals faster but still pretty badass.

That 12 foot witch is amazing. Can’t wait to see it in person.

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This thread makes me feel like a child. Good shit in here.


There are some people that go Balls to the Wall on Halloween near Chicago every year that we check-out. High Quality stuff & set-ups. Some of this stuff can be had at the local Home Depots.



Yeah, I see a Harvester of Souls and Cerberus from Spirit Halloween. The rest of the props, including the 12 foot inferno skeletons, are all Home Depot.

Crazy how much HD stepped up their game. They must have realized how much money Halloween shops like Spirit make in a few short months.

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I have some (?) transom windows- whatever they are called- above garage door. I have a cool house, 4 car drivewayw 2 garage doors- the cars have to go in drive. Lot of people walking neighborhood, like the cars in off street for pedestrian traffic.

I have the idea to have some hands sticking up making a sillohuette above garage doors… Kind of like 4-5 hands sticking up high to look like people in garage trying to get out. Wouldn’t mind if hands moved occasionally, or on interval. I could backlight w strobe or just a color bulb.
(Any ideas for hands that move? - a few modified small motors would work. The windows have like a 6" wide shelf right on them.)

Order your lightbulbs now. I got six led flame bulbs last year. 2 for front door, 3 for garage doors, and one that I put inside of a huge $20 pumpkin decoration last year. The bulbs make everything so much cooler.look on Amazon. Led flame bulbs, blue white or yellowish. Totally ups the outdoor decor in fall.