I have a shitload of Halloween animatronics.

Yeah, I tend to take my mask off, squat down and tell the kids I’m a good monster when they get spooked. They usually warm up immediately. My wife gives out the candy and I just scare the teens and kids who are acting like they are not scared for the sake of their friends LOL.

Most parents will usually stop and compliment my wife and I or take pictures with us etc.

My kids are now getting into scaring kids that come up and they know not to spook the younger kids.

Trailer for the new animatronics dropped this morning. I’m hype as fuck right now!!!

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Need to throw some bacon grease in the fog machine. That will REALLY fuck people up, smelling him cooking and thinking “FUCK!! That smells GOOD!”

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Went to Spirit Halloween’s Flagship store in NJ since yesterday was the grand opening.

Most of the animatronics and props from this year are meh but this mofo was awesome.

Gotta start getting ready

Have 5 nice exterior lantern lights mounted on front of house. Going to mount the led flame ones in there this year. Full light show w smoke and stuff.

Got a garage that I always do cool shit.with. I actually have a little decoration up now. Let me see… Will pic tomorrow. don’t want this pic up.

Nice thread, OP. I used to run my own haunted house before I had kids and built many animatronics. My house looks like a fucking museum now haha. I hate seeing my kids getting older, but one trade off will be the day they choose to stay home and scare instead of trick or treating themselves. They got to be actors in 2 of my charity haunts and it was a blast. My boys are ready, but my daughter is still being a kid. The day will come…

I don’t really post much anymore, but I do still lurk a bit. If you have any ideas you’d like to achieve, DM me. My specialty was outside of the box ideas made from around the house or easy to come by junk. When I started, I made a pretty sweet system of controlling everything with a remote, which makes for an awesome mini haunt for trick or treaters that could be run by one person.


Yeah, my kids are starting to get into scaring trick or treaters. My nine year old scared the shit out of this teen last year, it was fucking hysterical.

In any case, I just scored this prop online, that my kids love for some reason.

Was gonna buy a huge spider to go into my display but looks like Home Depot wants like $350 for it. Might try to build one out of pvc and styrofoam.

Spiders are a strange thing to build. Sometimes the most elaborate planned out idea sucks, and the one you throw together in 20 minutes turns out awesome.

Couple things to consider, if you use PVC, get a heat gun if you don’t already have one. It will allow you to put some natural bends and curves where the standard fittings don’t look quite right. Also, you can heat and smash the ends of the pipe to taper for the feet.

As far as styrofoam, consider using some wire and shaping the body frame. You can then wrap it in masking tape to make like a balloon, then fill with expanding foam. You can finish it with paint if you wish, or hit up your local fabric store and buy some felt to glue on, or if it’s in a more lit area, sometimes they will have various “furs.” If you are careful and lightly singe the fur with a grill lighter, you can get some cool looks.

Damn, I missed this post. Everything you said seems to be what I’m seeing on YouTube with people who built their own spiders. Thanks for the tips, and keep them coming!

Also, Spirit just released a new “Trailer” for their animatronic line this year. Have to say their line this year is pretty underwhelming. Only one that seems worth it is that “Mr. Dark” prop that jumps up like 9 feet.


Built a swing set out of PVC. Came out pretty good but might have to attach some cross beams to make it a little more structurally sound as it’s got a lot of give to it.

I got this bitch:

This dude:

And this animatronic:

To attach to my swing set. Gotta just paint the swing set and I’m in business.

I appreciate your passion of Halloween. I look forward to seeing posts of your setup

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Thanks. Yeah, I get really excited for this time of year as my kids love it and the neighborhood kids look forward to my display.

Had some parents last year stop me and thank me for making the house up and giving out candy as they said because of Covid the kids were missing out on a lot of things. Really made me feel good to give the kids some joy at such a shitty time.

In any case, I don’t really put the expensive animatronics out till the morning of Halloween but I will definitely add some pictures in this thread of the stuff I do put up.

Gonna start decorating on September 25th and the first thing that is going up will most likely be the 12 foot skeleton from Home Depot.


I need some prop fake hands. I want to put them across the transom over my garage, then strobe light from inside. Maybe a few rubber heads. I think I posted what I did a few weeks ago, I want to do it with a whole bunch of props.

I am going to do a huge scarecrow, my flagpole broke and I have a hole in the ground. Maybe led glowing eyes.

I have this fucking dog. A Samoyed. I want to get him a fake huge chain to attach to neck. Then leave the other end of chain broken in yard. “Beware of warewolf” , some body parts strewn around. Cool. Pics of transom (one head and hand, want to do like 20!) And dog that I’ll dress up.

Fuck… No pics… Samoyed dog.



Any pics of what you did?

Also, as far as fake people hands and heads you can check Spirit Halloween, although they tend to be a bit pricy. If you are looking something that will pass as hands and heads from far away you could get them from like the dollar store as they are starting to put out their Halloween stuff.

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I’ll absolutely get picsI put this head and hand up in a way that cars driving by will stop and pause. It’s awesome, catches everyone. Saw a trash man jump one time!

The one pic I have has my car in it. I’ll get a good shot tonight. Works awesome.

Anyone ever see the creeper peeper? Kind of that idea. I have the creeper peeper also, it’s great.

Thinking of grabbing this fucker soon and dropping him into my display.

He doesn’t do much, but he’s menacing as fuck as he’s almost 7 feet tall.

I saw some 12’ tall pumpkin head guy (body vines) looks to be like $225. Home Depot I think. Led eyes, led chest that breathes. Thought about it but a little scared someone would fuck with it.

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Yeah, that’s one of HDs new items. I got the 12 foot skeleton and will be putting him up in a few weeks.

Looked around online for tips on how to secure him. Some people were using trampoline stakes (they twist into the ground) and others were using curved rebar stakes. I went with the latter. Will report back one I put him up if they work well.

This is the 12 foot pumpkin guy that is new this year:

This is the 12 foot skeleton I have.

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