I have a shitload of Halloween animatronics.

Those are both pretty fuckin rad.

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Yeah, HD really stepped up their Halloween game the last few years.

This fucker is set up at my local HD. I wasn’t impressed when I saw the trailer for him but he is fucking HUGE!!! Would love to throw this fucker in the middle of my cemetery display, maybe on a two or three foot platform so he really towers over the graveyard.

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Yeah that thing looks pretty cool. You hit those spots the day after Halloween to get them discounted and shit?


HD usually goes 50% a few days before Halloween and then up to like 75% day after. Usually nothing left by then but it’s a good day to pick up fog machines, lights and any leftover shit they have.

Spirit Halloween is the same thing. They put everything 50% of off day after Halloween.

I usually take the day off and start my morning at 5am hitting all the local HDs.


Getting fucking excited! Ten days till I start putting up phase 1 of my Halloween display.

Anyone else decorating anytime soon?

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Damn. I respect the dedication.

I was in San Bernardino the other day and saw a Halloween store that’s opened 365 days a year. Big ass place too. I just wonder how well they do in the off season.

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Yeah, Spirit Halloween is only open for like September and October and they do an incredible amount of business in those two months. They tried to open up a Christmas store a few years back called like “Thr spirit of the season” or some shit like that. Didn’t do well so they phased it out.

Personally I would be fine with Halloween shops opening in August (Spirit Halloween’s Flagship store opened the first week in August) but not sure how well they would do being open all year round.

Hey guys. Gotta get going here. Times running short. Got my awesome 7year old daughter as a sidekick, decorations have to happen.

Still need a shot of garage. Cool idea. Think I’ve got some good ideas.

That skeleton vs the dark reaper guy… is that thing worth the $, and should I? Gotta find a lot of plastic hands, feet limbs. If anyone knows of stuff online. I’m cheap, because I’m broke, but that 12’ er… Looks great.

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Dude I was in my local Dollar Tree and 99 cent store the other day. They had a fuck ton of hands and feet in there. And for 99cents each.

Also I saw some at JoAnns fabrics but they were more money

Between the reaper and the 12 foot skeleton I would go with the Skelton.

Also, as thrill hammer pointed out, $1 and store like $5-below are great places to pick up shit to spruce up your display and not break the bank.

Also craft stores like Michael’s put their Halloween shit on deep discounts the week before Halloween to get rid of it. I made cemetery fence out of pvc, 1x3s and put styrofoam skulls from Michael’s on the top. Will post a pic in a little bit.

Pics of the “Cemetery fence” I made.


Got a big pumpkin at depot. I was there at 6am, scratching on my balls, when they opened the aisle with all Halloween shit and started putting it out. Didn’t see big skeleton, so just grabbed a ?40$ pumpkin head cool looking. Gonna put it here .

Werewolf in background. Gonna put fake blood on him, put a sign on ground “beware of warewolf!” And tie him in front yard. Will sprinkle body parts around him.

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That pumpkin is pretty rad. I put this one in my yard.


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Small sampling of our collection.


This is awesome! Reminds me of the Dunphy house in Modern Family. They had some awesome Halloween setups.

Saw those pumpkins at HD and was thinking of grabbing a few. Looks badass.

Fucking awesome!!!

Is the chick crawling the wall and looking backwards Bloodthirsty Betty from Spirit or is that the chick from the exorcist?

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Update on my swing set project:

Gonna paint all of the PVC black. Once that is done I am going to take some painters tape and wrap it around the pvc with a gap in between almost like a candy cane pattern. Then I’m going to spray paint it again with fluorescent green paint. Hoping it will come out like a black and green candy cane pattern so when I hit it with a black light it will look awesome.

Will be hitting the craft store tomorrow and do a test on a small piece of PVC maybe Friday night or Saturday.

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Bloodthirsty Betty from Spirit, she’s a wall crawler. We have full size Regan from Exorcist, Michael Meyers, Scream Guy and a bunch of zombies. I have to rent a truck to get all our stuff out of storage, once we have it set up down here in Florida I’ll take some new pics. Here are some others from 2018