I have a shitload of Halloween animatronics.

Few things up. Couldn’t find the 12 ft skeleton. Got some plans. My favorite decoration is up, you could see if you zoom a bit. Scares the fuck out of everyone. Creeper peeper in front lower window, needs to be lit a bit. Have some nice led lights from both sides that move nicely. Hate the Lazer and projection stuff. Like atmosphere more. Only orange lights, purple coming.

Garage setup will be ok. Always gets looks.

The depot rotting pumpkin is a bargain $30 or $49 I think. Glows well. “Indoor use only”. Nope.

Drilled a few holes for drainage. I like it. Hope I covered street #'s on house!

Good job all. Keep Halloween alive for these fucking kids, because the counts want to cancel everything. Fuck Joe Biden, twice on Halloween!


Fucking amen!!!

Have to do some repairs outside this weekend or else I would throw some Halloween shit up.

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Yeah, I regret not grabbing her when I could.

Spirit’s jump scare props are awesome.

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Really want to grab this prop but striking out everywhere. Spirit isn’t selling it this year either.

We used to have an awesome all year Halloween store here in Pitt. It floated the off season by having another section dedicated to cosplay and sex toys.

Eventually though, the area it was in kind boomed up a bit more and the price of rent ran them out.

There is another much smaller one in the town I grew up in that also still survives, again, by selling BDSM and sex toys in a back room. My dad bought a VERY realistic and expensive as fuck Chewbaca costume from there against my advice. I explained that their over priced costumes were also able to be rented… he said “Well I’d rather just own it…” He didn’t understand I was subtly trying to tell him it would probably glow under a black light.


Your dad is Passive Jay?!???

What a plot twist.


I thought about including the disclaimer to include that, but I figured it was best to avoid derailing the plot and not mention PJ. RIP.


That Chewbacca suit has been some places.

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TTT for more Halloween shit!!!

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Proof of concept for the paint scheme of the Halloween swing set. And yes, the paint is black light reactive.

Gonna throw some fake blood on there as well.

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Pfft. Those lines are all spaced unevenly.

Jk man. That will look pretty rad under a black light.

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LOL. Yeah, I painted the pvc with the green color, let it dry, used painters tape to wrap around the pipe and then spread painted it black. Once that dried I pulled the tape off and boom, instant creepy shit.

Wish I could find a blood like color that is black light reactive but usually they are too neon looking.

Maybe something Ike this.

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Shit, if it looks like it does in the pic that would be the shit!!! Thanks bro!!!

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Read some reviews and most are saying the color is more of a “Fire orange”.

Picked another brand that had like 4K reviews. Should be here tomorrow. Will throw some on that proof of concept pipe above and then hit it with the black light before the weekend to see what’s up.

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Sweet man. Hope it works out for you.

This guy right here. I’m going to put him on a dummy, riding my drive in lawnmower between me and next door neighbor. With enough lights, it should look cool. I like the stuff that makes people look. He will be almost in backyard, but when walking down street he will be seen way in the back.

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Spirit Halloween sells posable dummies but I think they are like $75. Might be better off building one.

Yeah… That dummy. I think I saw one for $60, could be worth it.

The mask will look cool far back. I’ll put him in a Hawaiian shirt or something.