I have an ;06 now

I just took possession of my father's M1 Garande because he thinks he's too old to shoot any more.

I think it is unfired but I'm not sure. He got it a few years ago during the big sell off of those by the gummint. He also has 300 rounds in stripper clips of FMJ 150 grainers (worthless for shooting anything but paper really).

 That's awesome. I'd love an 06, bolt preferably, but an M1 would be first choice for a semi.

I don't think I can use it for deer though as it holds more than 5 rounds. I'll have to check. I'm more a dove/duck hunter anyway. I'd imagine the peep sights would be okay to use out to 80 or 100 years given ammo it likes.

An old gentleman told me that the M1 saved his butt in WW II. He is a big guy. He said that as his friends would fall, he would pickup their M1s, one in each hand and shoot them like pistols. He said their reliability was crucial and kept him alive.

I'm sure it'll come in handy. I used to shoot my shotgun one handed and powder trap with it.

Nice, M1s are cool, I would like to get one someday

 Damn, I'd love to have an M1Garande. Just for the cabinet.

I have my fathers old '06, I hardly ever shoot it though. One place I used to work the owner had an old beat up m1, we used to shoot foxes on the property, yeah I know, lol.  He got ahold of a box of tracers that we had a blast going through.

You can get 5 round enbloc clips specifically to make the Garand legal for hunting.

Congrats, it's an awesome rifle.