I have an idea!

Kimbo vs. Cabbage @ ICON.

T.Jay make it happen.

we like cabbage though. :)

How about Mark Hunt?


ditto for mark hunt. and howbout ray sefo?


Kimbo and cabbage.......sounds like a nasty dish.

adds tobasco

Mark Hunt sounds like a real teset for Kimbo=P.T.make it happen

i think Cabbage would be cheaper.

Hunt would be interesting.  Kimbo actually looks small and trim compared to Tank. 

yeah kimbo looked like he was in great shape, and he went into the ring with the right attitude... maybe kimbo and shamrock...but than again shamrocks last win was kimo. but he still has more talent than all of kimbos other opponets

kimbo vs fujita!!

fujita wins that. bad matchup i think, if you wanna keep kimbo up there.

Kimbo vs Brock Lesnar

listen Kimbo vs. Cabbage needs to happen next.


That could work and is definitely do-able. 

Kimbo vs B. lesnar would be great match up..both are about the same height and are super strong