I have been denied

 I received notice that I did not obtain a qualifying evaluation on the personal history phase of my application for corrections deputy.

Everything had been going so well. I was 25 out of 400 for applications. I had aced all my other tests. I was really excited about this possibility.

There is nothing in my personal history that I know of that should have excluded me from this. I have never been arrested. No problems with drugs or alcohol. Excellent references including two deputies that I have known for more than 10 years.

I am crushed. I have to assume I would have a problem with any agency I tried for at this point. They won't tell me what the basis of my disqualification was. I am writing a letter just for good measure to say that I cannot imagine why this is the case and to ask them to reconsider(I am sure they won't) just for good measure.

Any background investigators that could weigh in on possible reasons for DQ on an otherwise worthy candidate? Especially when they are desperate for deputies?

Thing with corrections is that it is run by a sheriff which can pick and choose as he wants from the list. The only one that can do this with out resistance. Dont give up though, it usually takes, on average, 4 - 8 tests before you are selected.

 ^^ so for personal history disqualification, you think they will let me apply again?

Usually a 6 month - 1 year break that needs to be there. Some departments have rules that if you were dq'd because of psych/morale grounds you are dq'd from applying again. You will have to inquire within for that specific department.