I have been making a lot of pasta lately....

Short rib agnolotti in a beef and parm brodo, roasted parsnips and peas.

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Wizard hat pasta? I’m amazed.

The shape is called Capellacci Dei Briganti.

The hats represent the shape of the hats worn by 19th century guerrilla fighters in Southern Italy.

I served them with smoked chicken thighs and a brodo from the smoked bones and fennel.

Your pasta game is on point. Have you ever tried to make the healthier pasta options?

Explanation: my wife buys protein pasta, etc… I honestly don’t know what it is all of the time. She’s says it’s better for you. I comply.

Hopefully this makes sense. I know the stuff I’m eating is from a box just wondering if you ever mixed some up.

Most of the pasta I make is made with egg, so it is chock full of protein and great fats and vitamins.

Cavatelli, Malloredus, Orecchiette… those are just flour and water, but I use high quality flour.

I have made stuff with other flours and whole wheat flours, but not out of health, but to be true to the shapes origin and history. Some pastas traditionally had other flours.

I generally have pasta once a week, and it is an occasion for me, and I enjoy the process and tradition and the research, and the art of it, so I don’t alter it for health and save that for week nights.



Your best pizza dough recipe/ingredients? Whatcha got? I don’t know if it matters but more on the thin crust side.