Today I was told that I have been selected to become one of the Master Trainers for the new hand to hand combat program that my unit is forming. Only six of us were picked for this job. We are going to be covering hand skills, leg skills, throws, grappling, knife fighting and bayonet fighting. We have been pushing for a program like this for quite some time now, and we are extremely proud to be the founding instructors of it.

Guess I have no choice but to ask Mr Blauer to come down to my unit now. =)


Excellent Job! Get Tony there ASAP!



Big responsibilty. In my travels I have seen a huge discrepency in many training teams where too many of the sport elements are incorporated and will not enmesh with full kit, carbines, and so on.

Training for training's sake [is all good] but training to enhance mission safety & effectiveness is another labratory where many of the sport and technical aspects of the martial systems should NOT be incorporated.

Call my office and ask for Matt [toll free 877-773-2748] identify yourself and make sure he gets out out LEO/Mil kit to you. Hopefully I'll see you in Novemeber sometime.

COngrats again.


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Thanks Tony. I plan on callin your office tomorrow and makin sure that a mil/leo kit is headed my way. In the meantime, do you suggest that I pick up your BYOB pack in order to help prevent our program from slipping into a "sporting" mindset?

Eric, I shot you an email today.

No, don't shoot Eric...you'll just make him mad...I suspect you wouldn't like him when he's mad....

Congratulations, TKDFighter!


The BYOB pack has a lot of info that will help. It is not mission specific of course and will require you to intuit and invent around the drills. But that's the fun part!

It'll also lay a great foundation if we do get to trian.

When you call Matt, ask him about the LEO/Mil only videos, we have two out now, those would be good additions to your video library as well.

BTW: DId you get the Pressumed COmliance for SF article?


Congrats TKDFighter,

I've incorporated alot of the TCMS concepts and tactics
into the Alternative Counter-Measures Training for our
Tactical Unit, so if you need any assistance when Tony
is not available, give me a shout.

Again good luck on your choosen path!


Tony, Didn't get a chance to call today because I'm stuck on a burial detail and we had a couple of funerals we had to perform at. I got your article yesterday and I found it extremely informative to say the least. I read a couple of times yesterday and today I have started the process of actually learning the info that is contained in it. Thanks for sending it.

BTW Thanks to all of you that have congratulationed me. I'm sure I'll be asking all of you for advice in the near future.



20 years!

On his retirement?

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Congrats bud…

Wow, and I was the first up vote. Did it today, but still….

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