I have colon cancer

I'll know more tomorrow after the CT. Colon cancer isn't a death sentence right? It's one of the more treatable cancers?

Guys, I'm telling you, go get checked out. I'm 33, I don't smoke, don't drink, don't do drugs, no family history of colon cancer. Don't think you're too young or too healthy. Phone Post 3.0

Fight and win this mother fucker!!! 

Good luck brother!

Kick that mother fuckers ass and make it your bitch

Hang in there.

You got this by the balls. Phone Post 3.0

I believe it is very treatable in most cases if caught early. It must still be very scary. I pray you find strength and courage and overcome. God bless. Phone Post 3.0

My prayers being sent your way. My brother died of colon cancer in '09, he was 28. He was diagnosed 15 months before he passed. It's no joke man. Although he did drink a lot. Maybe that contributed to his body not being strong enough to fight it off. Hopefully you have a better a chance. Phone Post 3.0

This is a fight you can and will win.

My money is on you to be the victor. Phone Post 3.0

Good luck OP. Stay positive Phone Post 3.0

Curb stomp that mother fucker! Phone Post 3.0

Beat the cancer, so I can give you a Vitamin D shot in your rectum!

You can beat this dude! As others have said, what made you get checked? S
Did you have symptoms or just trying to be proactive? Phone Post 3.0

Is it a diet thing? Phone Post 3.0

What made you get checked? Phone Post 3.0

My best friend's wife was diagnosed with it two years ago. She was in stage III. She did some chemo and radiation I believe and had two small surgeries. She is now in remission. She was able to work during the time that she was in treatment. Phone Post 3.0

What were your symptoms Phone Post 3.0

I wish you the best, OP. You'll beat it. Phone Post 3.0

Stay strong, Brother. I look forward to you kicking cancers ass!! Phone Post 3.0

Symptoms if any? I'm 30 and plan on getting checked out as a precaution. Trying to talk my parents into getting checked too. They're a bit over 50 Phone Post 3.0