I have Every training video...

...known to man.

But no training partners. i also have 10X10 feet of mat.

email me at kirigi_1@hotmail.com if you are interested in training from video in the seattle, bellevue area a couple times a week

i have tons of videos too, from mma to jkd/kali etc but i dont train from them. they are a reference tool.

i get together with a few guys at least once a week in addition to training at a gym. if you want to jump in with us come stop by one day.


tsunamiw you have mail

What's your weight?

Antarctic champ I have a membership at a mma gym, i train 5-6 nights a week, i was just looking for some people to go over stuff from videos, once or twice a week. the more knowledge the better.

98pounds...my weight is 150. Whats your email? send me an email at kirigi_1@hotmail.com