I have high blood pressure..TME

I m 25, used to compete in MMA, few ammy fights and 1 pro.
My blood pressure at my last check up was 152 over 102. Dr wanted me to go to the hospital. But it calmed down to 142 over 92. Wife has starting making my lunches again, insisting I get healthy. TME. Phone Post 3.0

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My Bp was 160 /100. Started taking meds and exercise and was around 130 / 78. Fallen off the wagon lately with diet/drinking/ smoking and back to 150 / 90. Point diet and exercise more important than meds Phone Post 3.0

Go to the Doctors and get a holter monitor (sp?). This will check your BP over a 24 hour period. Might have just spiked for a variety of reasons. Then they can look at lifestyle choices - diet, exercise, smoking, drinking etc. Phone Post 3.0

I am bordeline HBP and i got some supplements that have helped. I bought some Quonol (main ingredients CQ10 and liquid vitamin E), garlic pills and I try to eat a handful of almonds twice a day. I have been doing this for a few weeks and my BP is now in the normal range.

Gotta get more electrolytes in your diet. Phone Post 3.0

I'm border line high, usually around 135-140/80-90. I cut out all the crappy sugar and bread carbohydrates, get my carbs from fruit and veggies mostly. Eat a high protein diet. My last check up was 119/78.
Diet works. Phone Post 3.0

I'm on a diuretic and a hbp med, thanks mom and dad! Even had it even I was younger and in awesome shape(played soccer almost my whole life). Phone Post 3.0

TTT. Phone Post 3.0

Take Prazosin. It will help significantly lowering your blood pressure...

Diet and exercise . Phone Post 3.0

you gun die Phone Post 3.0

Please don't use refined salt. Get some unprocessed salt (like Celtic sea salt) if you need to use salt for something. Why? Less sodium, more beneficial minerals for your body. Phone Post 3.0

quit sugar, salt and drinks that arent water

Magnesium is another supplement that many recommend.

Stop eating processed food..... I know that sounds really harsh, but BP is something you don't want to fuck with. Try for maybe 90% compliance. Processed food is the devil.

FOR ME, when I run 4 days a week or so both my BP and my resting pulse go down noticeably.

Anyway, best wishes. Take this seriously because it's... serious!

. Phone Post 3.0

I think that BP is much more than white coat syndrome would cause...but i'm no doctor...it's just, that really fucking high. I use those words because they are the ones my doctor used for those numbers when i had them.

I had similarly high BP last year and while shitty it was not a terrible surprise. the severity of it, like yours, was a shocker. It was an eye opener.

I cleaned up my diet drastically and started tracking my diet, but sodium in particular, like it was an assassin out to get me...because it actually was.

I started doing some exercise every day....out fear, i worked out hard.

My BP was down in about 6 weeks to high normal which is where the doctor wanted to get me with meds.

i've avoided meds, have been less consistent with diet and exercise but still fairly vigilant and my numbers have stayed good. the one thing i am very careful about is sodium and potassium. I make sure i hit the DASH diet numbers for both of those always.

Oh yeah, DASH diet will save your life.

Agree with most on here that exercise and diet have a hugh effect on b/p. I dropped my colorestol 100 points Just by exercise and b/p is better also. If i can improve my diet [gotten better] i think i can stay med free for a long time.

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MachineCode - Please don't use refined salt. Get some unprocessed salt (like Celtic sea salt) if you need to use salt for something. Why? Less sodium, more beneficial minerals for your body. Phone Post 3.0
Explain to me ( and provide a label? ) showing lower sodium content?

( not being facetious lol ) Phone Post 3.0

You know how when you go to a store and see a cylindrical cardboard container of these perfect white salt crystals? Well, salt is processed like that for appearances (bleaching) and for ease and longevity of storage.

Basically when they harvest salt from the sea, they extract just the sodium chloride (NaCl) to package and sell the sodium to you. If you take the sea salt and don't put it through that whole refining process, you'll keep the trace minerals and nutrients (like potassium) that our bodies need just as much as they need the sodium to live.

Also, supposedly if the body lacks the nutrients provided by unprocessed salt, the body will suffer and be in poorer health. This is fairly common if someone is consuming plenty of sodium (from chili and sausages or other processed foods) but still lacks in the necessary micro nutrients.

In other words, it's something like if you consumed nothing but protein shakes to survive. You'd get the carbohydrates and protein to survive, but your body would suffer from the lack of iron if you're not eating meat, etc.

TL;DR Unrefined salt is the healthiest salt

I was 142 over 92 at the pharmacy Phone Post 3.0