I have no words to describe this guy

Blue please:

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jhzQf2yrTBI Phone Post 3.0

Has to be fake right?

CaptainWoody - Has to be fake right?
No it isn't sadly Phone Post 3.0

Fat fuck needs a punch in the mouth.

This guy is gonna get fucked up...I hope so anyway

Spread the video. Post it on fb guys let it circulate and karma will come his way Phone Post

Jimmy is gonna be rustled - Spread the video. Post it on fb guys let it circulate and karma will come his way Phone Post
Thank you. I've already done so. I knew the UG would hook this bitch up Phone Post 3.0

I am surprised you have no words for him. Here let me toss a fe out to help you.

obese friendless looser fuckwit

Private Pyle?

Found him - https://www.facebook.com/johnny.bea.7

There is another video where he says he lives in Arlington.  Hope some Virginia boys get a hold of his fat ass.

I'm guessing when this guy was 15 he peeked in the window of the neighbor girl he had a pretend relationship with, and saw her getting plowed by her military boyfriend. 30 years later he's still pissed, and still a virgin. Phone Post 3.0

Isn't that the guy who threw up all over everbody at the Pie Eating Contest?



just freakin sad

Someone made a FB page against him....and he "liked" it.





This attention is exactly what he is craving...and getting

Peter Griffin's Potato brother? Phone Post 3.0

I would wish upon him a slow death but it looks like he is already suffering it Phone Post 3.0

I'm calling Bullshit on his "I have won gold medals in the Olympics in shooting"

His fat face shows up nowhere and I don't believe he is any of the following Gold Medal winners...Vincent Hancock and Walter Eilers (the only US Gold Medal winners in any shooting catagories the last 3 Olympics)

Later Phone Post

I've got money on him using a wheel chair in his costume. Phone Post 3.0