I Have The Best Little Brother

I just beat Batman Arkham Asylum this past weekend and was planning on getting Arkham City within the next few weeks.

My little brother Jimmy (well, littlish, he's my size and just turned 20) walked into my room after I got home from the gym.

He hands me Batman Arkham City. He says, "I got you an early birthday present, I figured you'd enjoy it more now then when school starts back up."

My birthday isn't for another five months.

He's an enabler OP

Authority Figure - 


Nah man, he picked it up from the local game store for fifteen bucks. Still has the sticker on it. :P

My brother does stuff like this all the time. The other day he took a walk downtown and came back with a hot fudge sundae for my mom.

He spends most of his Thursdays volunteering at the local food closet for in need families. He's always finding a new project to volunteer for.

lars_schifinkter - He's an enabler OP

Maybe a little.

TTT For my awesome little brother!