I have the original BYOB tape set

What is new along these lines that I should look into when I am ready to buy new tapes ?

Are the pure S.P.E.A.R. tapes different enough to warrant purchasing them as well ? Are there any that deal with offensive knife fighting and stick fighting?

All help appreciated, from Tony , or others that purchase and use his tapes.

There has defintely been evolution, a lot. Those
tapes are definate foundational tapes but the
current SPEAR tapes are far more detailed and the
drills far more evolved.

All my knife tapes are defensive in nature (for a
variety of reasons) but the most important reason
is my system dedicates its training to 'protection'
ie: what will you do if the opponent has a blade &
you dont or he has your blade. Check out
CONTROLLING THE BLADE if you dont have it.

There are a ton of descriptions on the site and feel
free to call Phil at the office fo rmore ideas toll free


thank you