I Have To Apologize

In June I purchased the domain rights to FightSTL.com - the staging area of a St. Louis based media project that would cover pro/am MMA and Boxing in the thriving STL market.

When I mentioned this idea to some colleagues with whom I had worked in the past I received nothing but support. I was assured that every resource would be available to get the project rolling.  And after I announced the project I received a flood of support and offers to assist with everything from graphic/web design to contact information. Unfortunately I couldn't tell you where 99% of those people are now.

I'm still determined to see this project through completion, but I can't believe that I'm 3 months into a 3 week go-live date. I apologize for this delay.

I understand that people have lives and real jobs, etc... I'm not naming names or condemning anyone. I support them and appreciate their offers to help. But I feel as if I need  to explain this delay to those who have been emailing me and/or sending me messages here.

We'll be up and running. I'd like to thank my friend Adam Pickett for his hard work and for sticking with me. I'd also like to thank my good friend Elias Cepada of InsideFighting and Mike DiSanto for their support, as well as all of you who supported this venture.

It's just gotten a little tougher now that the rubber has hit the road.




In MN, we call that the norm :-)

sounds like you're getting screwed around. Hope all goes well.

Floppy, I think it's a matter of lots of people wanting to hitch a ride on a new venture but not really understanding what that means.  Ya know?

FightSTL will be worth the wait, I'm sure. It's truly a unique concept as Merrill will bring a high level of professionalism and experience to covering a local fight scene.

ttt for Merrill!

In Arizona, we call that fast and efficient service. 

up again

good luck to you Merrill!