I Have To Say, I Was Pretty Leery Of This New Site Thing

…but that one Passive Jay thread has entertained me more than anything on the OG has in a long while. He hasn’t even joined us here yet and still PJ is providing us with oodles of good times already.

This place seems off to a pretty good start.

I was in the same boat. I don’t like even one single thing about this new format. I glanced at the PJ fart curtains thread and feel a lot better about the place now.

Yup, me too

yes. still hate the format. but the pj thread is a once a year nugget.

Mr Bean Thumbs Up GIF

I would really enjoy a BLAD post in there.

We are still the same crazy assholes and that’s what really matters.


That thread has made this place feel a little more like the old place. I’m still undecided on wether or not I like it here, but that single thread has helped it feel a little more like “home” here.

I switched the view (mobile layout) to ghost mode (I think) and it’s pretty sweet now. I’m liking this a lot more than I thought I would, but I’m not sure if it’s because of the fart curtain thread or the functionality.

Leaning Fart Curtain thread though, it has it all.

Honestly It’s a lot nicer than the old one. I still did like the option of seeing all the top active threads on the left hand side, but everything is is easier to do and simpler.

Overall after using it for about an hour, pretty damn good. Even on the phone.

Much preferred the old ways, I’m trying to force myself to use it more to like it, seems better the more I try and use it

We are leery of something

Just wait until people start flagging your posts bc they don’t like your take on things.