I heard a few rumors about some

Call ups to the UFC... anyone want to drop some names here to see if what I heard could be fact ?

Whatch ya talkin' about Willis????

I will give weights...... 205 and 155.


the fuck is you talkin' 'bout???

Nope... 1 is fairly unknown (205) and from a state around IOWA.

Other just had a HUGE win and is from Iowa. (155)

spill it fucker

You talkin' bout the guy who's fighting Din Thomas?

No. Different 155, different camp in Iowa...

Clarification about the 155 as I was just "Technicalitied" a ZUFFA run show.

the idea... is to get someone to guess it =)

I wanna see who you fuckers think it could be.

That would so give it away.

Plus your head blocked my camera at the IFL.

Some wrestler


205er is a striker.

155er is a GnP guy

quit swallowing and spit it out bitch!


I have your entire upper torso and large head with an added hat in the middle of the Militich/Gracie fight.

What time was it Ben?

Looks like 8:40

they were comped, lol