I heard a few rumors about some

Give me some Ben

I heard Jeremy Stephens earlier tonight

Stephens isnt who I am mentioning.

the 55er is a ZUFFA owned promotion

Hmm, Im going to guess that one is named after the planet that General Zod tried to conquer in Superman 2, and the other rhymes with pickle? 

haha good Superman reference VJ!!


oklahoma is by iowa so I guess OMA

VJ if I understood the Superman ref... I would say sure.

But you my friend are hot on the trail!

victor merano??

Mouth, go rent Superman 2

Mickle obviously at 155. Earth at 205?

I heard they called up Harold Howard & Emanuel Yarbrough, anyone confirm?

LOL @ me going and renting Superman 2 so I can understand VJs code =P

I heard my little buddy Mickle, but haven't confirmed with him and I didn't go to practice last night.

If it's true, congrats to him. He's a great guy and probably too damn tough for his own good. One thing is absolutely for sure...he won't be in a boring fight.


im thinking of a number between 1 and 1,000,000 can you guess it?

I also heard Marcus Hicks will be on the card. Any truth to that??


holy cow!