I heard from Hansel

For those of you who know him he is safe and sound causing trouble OS. He has been laying the smack down on everyone he has met, including Carlson Gracie (who conducted a seminar and taught everyone how to squash heads).

Beware his return!

"Hansel, he's so hot right now, Hansel"

Zoolander is an awesome movie.

Jez, I've known the guy for like three years and never made the connection.

Well I'll be making up for lost time upon his return.

"Todd you know a frothy latte makes me all farty and gasy"

'you're bullemic?'

"you can read minds?!"

"Sorry did my needle get in the way of your ass! Do me a favour and lose 5 pounds imediately or get outa my sight!"

"its mer-man dad, mer-MAN!"

(moisture is the essence of wetness)

"I mean, she's at least two feet shorter and 35 pounds heavier than any woman I've ever been with but... there's something about her that just... gives me an erection."

"Yeah, it was tough out there. Sometimes we had to work like eight hours days. The photo lights would get so hot they'd burn your skin, you'd get terrible calluses on your feet, rashes from all the makeup."

"I invented the keyboard neck tie, what did you ever do!"

*cough* *cough* "i think im getting the black lung pa"

"You can derelict my balls"

"I grip it and I rip it, that's how I live man"

"Me and some friends hae been trippin' on acid and we got a whole new perspective on shit"

"We gotta protect the Micronesian dude"


"How many Abadiginnies do you see modeling?"

"I'm not an ambiturn"

"Who reads your stupid little TIME magazine anyway?"

"When she ws sandwiched between the midget and the Maori tribesman I just had the strangest feeling for her"



Last time I rolled with him I thought I was doing great - until he pulled that "Blue Steel" look out of no where and completely psyched me out.

"or did you think i wouldnt know what a ugoogalee was"

"Tushie squeeze"

"The files are in the computer"

'the files are in the computer??'

"yeah man, in the computer"

"Look they're breakdance fighting"



orange mocha frapochino latte!!