I hit a flying triangle @ NAGA 9/17/11

I really wanted to do the Nate Diaz flex, but if I missed I would never hear the end of it.


nice one!

Thanks, Im only a white belt so Im pretty stoked off this win.

And apperatly Im white belt at posting videos too, the link is below the box above.

LOL, i FOund it, no worries!

White belt at posting videos ;)

Great job! Phone Post

Great work bro! Very nice keeping your cool when he got your leg. Godspeed! Phone Post

good job getting the angle

 that was sweet only thing i saw was u coulda hooked the leg for a better angle but fuckin sweet sub ;)

I hooked underhooked his arm and grabbed my knee, ala Ryan hall Phone Post

I know this guy that works at octagon MMA in Dallas. He did the same thing. He is a giant douche that always undresses me with his eyes. Phone Post

Phalanx management is jealous bc he can't jump. Phone Post

Floweiththego is mad cuz he can't tap phalanx_management

Don't cry son Phone Post

Nice one man! Congrats!