I hope its Vitor!!!!

Come on Zuffa, make it happen!

Promise both fighters huge extended contracts if they make this one happen. Yes it's short notice, but promise them a hug guaranteed payday for more fights if they step up for this one.

I doubt Vitor would take it on such short notice.

i doubt tito wants anything to do with vitor right now.
tito wants a win badly to reboot his career.

a fight with vitor right now could be the end of tito.

Offer both fighters the following. Each one gets two guaranteed paydays of $250,000 over 2005 if they show up and fight this time.

Yes, that is high. No, it's not my money. But it would instantly make an extravaganza out of a disaster. And you would have Tito and Vitor for two more fights each next year.

Face it, both fighters need to get well compensated for taking a fight at the last minute. If either loses, they will have 2-3 losses in a row. But guaranteeing them 2 big paydays next year should take the stong out of that.

1 million dollars, and you get a great fight next Saturday plus four fights next year.

ttt for my brilliant fargin' idea

Vitor Tito should've happened long ago !

maybe next time