I hope the Kings keep Peeler

I don't know what to type, I hope they keep Peeler but they've got a good amount of guards. I don't know how or who's interchangeable with what position. lol, fuck, my brain hasn't recovered from last night yet, but still, I hope they keep Peeler.

Forget it, after looking at the roster I'm pretty sure they'll keep him.

Malone jr. should come to the Lakeshow if Malone Sr. retires. Jr. is a scrappy little fucker.

lol, fuck that, he's already been a Laker. heh


"The Kings reached the limit. They'll never go this far again for a long long time. Sorry Floppy but that's the reality."

LMAO!!! Dude, you're smoking crack if you believe that shit, wake the fuck up from your drug induced "reality" whenever you feel like it. lol

Jesus Christ!!!!!! With you being gone from this forum all season I figured that mabye you'd have spent some time trying to develop your English skills. :)

Yes, this year it's over, but next year is next year. I'm looking forward to it.