I inch to 100 yards Interactive Reality Training

May 20-23 Laughlin Nevada

http://www.warrior-conference.com/ click 2008 events

Hey guys J.M. here: I will be in Nevada in May teaching my Seamless Integration program Empty hands, Edged weapons, & Firearms. They pretty much, give me card Blanc to do what ever I want. So expect my session to be unorthodox, unconventional, chaotic, disruptive, and a complete Clusterfuck!!! This will be our starting point. As usual, Stress Inoculation training, Low Light, prioritizing between empty hand, knives, and gun within the concepts of MMA. The goal is to bring the MMA fighter and the Tactical operator together with Seamless integration. In addition there will be some really cutting edge Instructors.

Plus, a host of other training opportunities, gambling in the casino, women, and alcohol.

This might not be too healthy so some might not want to attend.

What the hell, you only live once, check it out!!!!

http://www.warrior-conference.com/ click 2008 events