I just bought...:)

Just wanted to share my excitement with the rest of ya: Went to the video shop to rent some stuff. They always selling tapes. Found and bought the K-1 finals of 1997, 98', 99', 00', 01'. All for under 16 dollars. Gonna be doing loads of watching...

see you in a few days! :)))

Bastid :-)

ttt for SILK......

You're lucky !

lucky man

Lucky? Me gf isn't too happy bout it cause I won't come to bed anymore LOL.

97' Final fight: Hoost vs Hug

98' Final fight: Aerts vs Hug

99' Final fight: Hoost vs Hug

00' Final fight: Hoost vs Mirko

01' Final fight: Hunt vs Filho

And all the quarters and semi's too

Does anybody remember any of the fights? I haven't watched Hug in ages. Damn he was good and exciting.

wow that is cool, I wish the video stores near me carried shit like that.

Ceck out your local suncoast video store, sometimes they have Pride DVD's for cheap! $10.00