I just cant handle it.



you're on fire today andre.

He's killing me. There is just so much that is wrong with him, and that clip is a great example of it.

I'll do you a favor.  here's all the clips he's put out.... i hope your brain doesn't bleed out your ears........ :)


Andre, after this weekend, you wont have to be jealous of Gene's high rank anymore.

that is one of the best kimura insturctionals I've seen. what's the

more awesome rubber guard work

i swear to god, if i ever tap to someone who says "i got that off the web from this simco guy" i'm gonna kill myself.

for later.....

Simco wrote a book on bjj and as we all know anyone who writes a book knows more about the subject then those who haven't.

It's on the interweb too.

ok we all know that this guy is a massive tool, but does he have any legit ranking in bjj? No...seriously, does he? His techniques suck.

wow -

that kimura is the must fucked up thing i've ever seen - even worse then gene labells "only works if ther guy is in a coma " moves - why not just take the arm bar from the start???

anyway - while totally blowing the whole rubber guard concept, ect - and a few fucked up things along the way.....the reverse triangle is at least sound in his explanation and execution

His movement is awe inspiring

That's smooth.  I'm gonna try that step over on the Kimura. 

Pretty funny seeing a black belt fumbling around for a "kimura"

^^put the crack pipe down and slowly step away and no one else will get hurt.

"Ok Andre (and others), Please tell me what was wrong with that move, I use something similar quire regularlu. I know he is bit of a tool, but if you are going to criticize what he taught then please be specific about it."

For starters his ass is up in the air and he looks like he's about to fall over every time he takes a step. It's like the opposite of tight.

I have seen many BJJ instructionals where the moves are not "tight".

Which ones?