I just had a baby!!!!!

Hi, guys I just had a beautiful baby daughter on the 28th, Im so excited I just had to tell everyone!!!
Her name is Kaydence Mary Kenealy.
6pounds 8 ounces!!!!

See everyone at the Iowa Extreme Challenge on May 6th!!

Great News !!

I have a 5 month old .....lots of great times ahead for you .

Enjoy it .

Congratulations to your wife as well

You had a baby?? Wow, I bet that hurt...........


j/k, Congrats!

Congrats. I had my 1st child april 1st. They are great. Just get rady for some long nights and 3 hour sleep intervals.


Congrats! all the best to you and the Mrs


Thanks guys, she is a wonderful blessing!!!


good job!



Congrats! Hope you and ya family enjoy this beautiful time in your lives!


Operator, he is a lady killer with those eyes!!!

*suffers cardiac arrest*

Congratulations, mine turned 5 months on the 25th. It's funny how
time flies, she is starting college next month.





Congrats on your new babies also, thanks a lot for the support!!!

I won't have to kiss my training days away, we train at my house and my girl friend is very supportive. Im working on getting John Owens ready for his fight on May 6th at the Extreme Challenge.