I just now realized...

...the UFC was on yesterday and got bummed, as I haven't missed an event in 9 years.


Then I looked at the results which had an all decision main card.. wow..what luck!!


Who watched that BORING card? Lol

Undercard was pretty good. Main card less so.

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Well, I won't miss Saturday at least.

yeah same, ive missed maybe 3 events in the past 13 years. I didnt even bother trying to watch, came home and just watched some of the main card that I could find online...it wasnt that great..( main card) Taila Santos impressed me tho

Prelims were awesome.   Main card not bad either.  Tails Santos was pretty good in her role.  Her opponent  McAnn, should probably  (hopefully) signing her new contract to fight anywhere else other than the UFC right now.