I Just Saw "Blade Trinity"

and I counted one hubad sequence with sword against sword, one straight armbar to oma plata transition, and one full blown trapping sequence. Interesting!


Oh yeah, Jessica Beil was bangin' by the way!

I think Jeff Imada choreographed, but I'm not sure. If he did, that explains all that you saw.

Also, it's "hubud" not "hubad."

Hubad means "naked"...so unless Jessica Biel got naked in that flick, that'd explain you seeing "one hubad sequence."

4 Ranges, that's interesting. Filipino dialects always confuse me. I actually used to spell it "hubud" until Guro Dan said at a seminar that he spelled it that way for years but he found out from someone from the Philipines that it is spelled "hubad," so that's when I started spelling it that way. Oh well!

By the way, Jeff Imada must have some dough. I know he used to choreograph back in the day, but I've noticed he is involved in more and more films now. Good for him.



Hmm a Hubad sequence would have definitley been better.


I think someone was pulling Guro Dan's leg if someone gave him that info in the PI. Filipinos are known to be that mischievous. Then again, I've heard that there's a lot of jealousy regarding Guro Dan in FMA circles in the PI, so that would explain the "false" correction. If you're interested in "hubad" drills (as opposed to "hubud" drills), you can rent the infamous "One Night in Paris." Lots of "hubad"...and lots of drilling. Or so I've heard.

As for Jeff, he also did the EXCELLENT fight sequences in the "Bourne" movies. I'm not sure how much money he's raking in, but his choreography is a welcome relief from the wire work that has glutted the industry in recent years. I hope he gets more work.


heh heh.


I'm with you on that one.

4 Ranges, that's cool. You've just convinced me to go back to my old spelling.

I also hope Jeff Imada gets more choreography work. I always like the scenes he produces.

A JKD instructor named Chuck Geoffries didthe choreography for that movie.

Check out www.imdb.com and type in BladeTrinity for more info.

Jessica did get naked in the movie for that shower
scene where she's cleaning off all the blood from
killing the vampires. Too bad the goodies were
hidden by her arms.

I'm glad somebody noticed it too! I also saw a reverse puter kapala where the elbow ends up inverted and you take the back of the opponent.

It is nice to see new moves in the cinema other than spinning head kicks and such...


The Blade movies have always been pretty decent as far what I call "RealityChoreography".Meaning that some of the moves can atually happen.