I just seen a smart car built for the side walk?!

This thing literally had a roof and a door , Only sits one person but takes up almost all of the entire fucking side walk. Its a sidewalk car , just what the lazy fucks need. If your disabled ok fair ... If your fat and lazy not cool, Phone Post 3.0

Assholes will be carting their fat ass's all around Disney in these things

StevetheWeasel - "Saw", imo.
. Phone Post 3.0

StevetheWeasel - "Saw", imo.
Depends on where you live Phone Post 3.0

StevetheWeasel - "Saw", imo.
Thank you, it's a pet peeve of mine. Makes me irrationally angry. It's what I get for being educated in Canada. Phone Post 3.0

"seent", imo