I just signed to Invicta :) First OZWMMA Fighter

I just agreed to a multi-fight deal with Invictia Fighting Championships making me the first ever Australian fighter to do so!! Eeeeeek :)

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You can also check out my official website at http://www.rowdybec.com :)


Congratulations Bec!!!

and thanks for sharing your update with us

FBing you now =)

Congrats!  Can't wait to see you fight.

Thanks guys :) This has been what Ive been working too since Invicta was first announced & when the contract offer came through I broke down into tears LOL :) Im a mother of two children & train full time so this means so much to me... I cant wait to put on a show for you cwazazy Americans!! :) <3

One hell of an overhand right and very pretty blue eyes!


Congrats and good luck! Looking forward to seeing you fight in the states!


congrats! Phone Post

Good luck and congrats.

Congrats Phone Post

Can't wait to see you! Well done.

I would

RowdyBec - 

Oh Yeah!

Tassie giiiiirl!! Well done Bec, this is great! Phone Post

Congrats ... Can't wait to see you throw down :)

Your sexy as hell too :D Phone Post

Hell yeah Bec representing the green and gold! Congrats! Phone Post


Fankoo everyone :) & yay Kirik posted in my thread :) <3

Give em hell! Phone Post