I just spent 45 minutes going through top songs of

2015, 2016 and 2017. Each collection had 100 best songs from that year. I was looking for a song and thought it would be part of one of the compilations.


What. The. FUCK! Has music turned into!?


Every song sounds the same and fucking bland as fuck. It's absolutely horrible what passes for music nowadays. I can't say I liked any of the songs at all. And the "artists" fucking douchebags, talentless fucking douchebags.


I mentioned that every song sounds the same and they do. They all have the same similar dead tone to them and you can't differentiate which one is which. None of them is memorable at all.


I feel like they are created by some computer algorithm and statistics that some douche marketeers came up with.


I truly feel sorry for the modern generation that they have to listen to this garbage.

This is what it's like to be old.

BarkLikeADog - This is what it's like to be old.

Hell no. I like old music too. Johnny Cash, Chubby Checker, Ray Charles, Little Richard and so on.

New stuff is absolute garbage!



I don't understand these whipper snappers and what they call music either op



Even rap is absolute SHIT! Fucking 90s' rap was great.