I Just Tried 8min Abbs vid!

I just tried it and took me 10 min... Thats some false add. those Mother F'ers!!!!!

** points finger and laughs**

I prefer 7 minute abs.

I had a great idea Joker... now this is going to blow your mind... but forget 8 minute abs... and try... are you ready... get this... 7 minute abs!

J-Lau, if I am not satisfied, do I get the 8th minute for free? :)

I like the cut of your jib sailor...

You can't even break a sweat in 6 minutes. 7 is the magic number!

...7 maids in a row...

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Joe.... I am all about 7 min abs

You know whats funny in that picture of my fight.... I don't know what hurt him most, the knee to the face or the foot in the nuts?!

I am all about eating ice cream cake while laying on my couch. My metabolism negates the ice cream and my abs get a work out (far longer than 7 or 8 minutes) as I sit up for a bite each time.

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Joe I like your style... abs on a couch and Ice cream. I am so going to lay on your couch with you and work out long and hard! ...That didn't come of a tad gay did it?

Baby Joe Ruediger !


Joker , I noticed that foot in his Jewelz too , Damnit !!!!!!!!! Pat looks stunned !



Stop using Creepy Baby Joe's S/N....don't you remember what happened the last time you and the cake fought...